Immerse the senses in culinary finesse at Hickory’s Restaurant & Bar.

Any dining experience here will see diners treated to the vibrant elegance of Southern Highlands ingredients, respectfully guided by the hands of culinary experts.

In keeping with seasonality, each menu is frequently adapted to suit the most recent regional harvests, seeing those who dine regularly finding delight in new and alluring dishes every visit. Simply drop by for lunch with friends and indulge in our lounge bar menu made up from locally sourced produce.

Designed to complement, find a thoughtful selection of locally sourced wines from wineries established within close distance to the restaurant doors. Diners can also opt to quench their thirst with a tempting range of locally crafted ales such as Pig’s Fly pale ale and pilsner as well as Artemis ciders for those who prefer. For a little added decadence, opt to enjoy wine pairings in accompaniment with any dish, savouring a drop perfectly balanced to the palate.

Bookings are essential for dinner.

Dining menu